Square D

Details & Specifications

Connection(I-Line) Plug-on Circuit Breaker
Frame Type250 A
Interrupt Rating22kA@600Vac, 10kA@125Vdc, 10kA@250Vdc, 25kA@480Vac, 42kA@120Vac, 42kA@240Vac
SuffixNo Special Feature
Voltage600 Vac
Wire Range1-#6-350 kcmil


Authentic KA36175

Thermal-Magnetic Molded Case Circuit Breaker manufactured by Schneider Square D. Used in various applications.

FY14015 is part of Schneider Square D's legacy line. Most of the legacy devices are obsolete but will be in service for many years.


Thermal-magnetic Molded case circuit breakers are the most common overcurrent protection devices. Their primary functions are to provide a means to manually open a circuit and automatically open a circuit under overload or short circuit conditions. Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers use bimetals and electromagnetic assemblies to provide overcurrent protection. Their characteristic inverse time tripping under overload conditions is ideally suited for many applications varying from residential to heavy industrial loads. For higher level (short circuit) overcurrents, instantaneous trip characteristics allow molded case circuit breakers to interrupt with no intentional delay.


Manufactured and tested according to the following standards and files:

  • Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Listed to UL489 Standard, File E10027,
  • National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) AB-1 Standard,
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certified to CSA C22.2 No. 5-02 Standard, File LR7551,
  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60947-2 Standard,
  • Federal Specification W-C-375B/GEN as Class 11a, 11b; 12a, 12b; and 13a, 13b.

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